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An Overview of Building Information Modeling

Apollo Lighting has invested in a dedicated team to develop and maintain BIM model data showing the commitment the company has made to leading the way in the lighting industry.

Example Lobby

When talking about BIM we like to put the emphasis on the words 'effective' and 'efficient'. The lighting industry can be known for delivering projects late and over budget, with the resulting assets often not quite working as they should. However, adopting a BIM approach can bring predictability to a project, not just around capital delivery but operation too. BIM can also help us to save both money and time by cutting out wasteful processes and making more informed decisions at the right time.

Example Office

This enhanced process assists us in achieving the values that we hold close: reliability, efficiency and creative design. BIM as a process makes for better design through the use of informed decision making, which allows us to better compile and manage useful data to make better and quantifiable design that is innovative, challenging, and sustainable.

It also paves the way for innovation such as realistic model visualisation. This means it is possible to render high quality images of both the individual product and the product in situ, so you are completely sure you are happy with the look and performance of the product.

Example Sports Hall

Our BIM models are created in Autodesk Revit and are compatible with multiple CAD formats, and with our professional BIM Service Team on hand, you will be given full support and advice for your projects.

Example Hospital Ward

We've compiled a handy How-To guide to get you started.

If you require further information about our BIM services, you can contact our BIM Service Team directly at .

BIM data is available to download for the following products

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