Emergency 350



The Emergency 350 is a range of compact bulkhead style, surface mounted or semi-recessed exit sign luminaires. Offering the choice of mains only, maintained or non-maintained integral emergency control gear. The Emergency 350 utilises a T5 8W or PLS 11W lamp and is IP65 rated as standard. The Emergency 350 also has a universal legend available which provides several exit sign options.


Materials and Finishes

BodyInjection Moulded Polycarbonate
ControllerOpal or Prismatic TP(a) Polycarbonate Fresnel Lens
FinishWhite or Brass

Technical Details

GearSwitch Start. Mains Only, Maintained Emergency or Non-maintained emergency
Lamp Type
  • T5T5

Spacing Data

LevelMounting HeightTransverse to WallTransverse to TransverseAxial to TransverseAxial to AxialAxial to Wall
1 lux centre line2.5m1.
0.5 lux minimum2.5m2.


Emergency 350 Dimensional Diagram
Emergency 350370140105


All versions supplied including lamps.

Order CodeDescriptionLight SourceGearWeight (kg)
350A8M370x140mm Maintained1x8W T5SS1.9
350A8NM370x140mm Non-maintained1x8W T5SS1.7
350A8370x140mm Mains Only1x8W T5SS1.2
350A28370x140mm Mains Only2x8W T5SS1.3
350A211370x140mm Mains Only2x11W PLSSS1.4


WWhite Finish Polycarbonate Body
BRBrass Finish Polycarbonate Body
OOpal Fresnel Diffuser
PPrismatic Fresnel Diffuser


L0/350Universal EC Legend. EN7010 Signage available on request
350RECWhite Semi-recessing Bezel
350RECBRBrass Semi-recessing Bezel
European Conformity Mark Isolation Class 1 Suitable for mounting on flammable surfaces Dust tight and protected against water jets
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