Bridlington Spa Complex : Spa Theatre

Spa Theatre

Spa Theatre

This is the smaller theatre area of the complex. The brief in this area was to keep the original feel to the space and increase the illumination levels so that the area could be used for conferences. The original levels were only suitable for theatre applications.

Original Installation

The existing installation was mainly by tungsten filament lamps leading to an energy inefficient installation, as can be seen from the picture below, many of the fittings were glass surface fittings. One advantage of the filament lamps were that they are easy to dim and also give a warm feel to the space

Original Spa Theatre

The dome in this area was poorly illuminated, with the main illumination coming from coloured reflector lamps mounted in small holes in the original plasterwork. Pointing upwards in to the dome

Original Dome

The existing wall lights shown were kept as access was difficult to the rear so gear boxes for remote gear was impossible. Apollo replaced the existing globes with new glassware. Below is an image of the how closely the new globes were matched to the existing glasswork.

Original and New Globes

Design Brief

New Installation

The final luminaires installed were compact fluorescent downlights with 3000k lamps to try to maintain the warm feel. As the original plasterwork in this area was being kept then the design could only use existing mounting points. The illumination level in this area was boosted by using downlights instead of opal glass fittings. The globes on the front of the balcony were kept because there was no access to behind the frontage to allow for remote gear to be used. These globes were replaced by new glass globes.

This area also had new compact fluorescent bricklights installed around the stair areas and also new LED marker lights installed in the stair risers.

The dome was illuminated from the original positions by Nebula 8 luminaires mounted in special bezels that allowed them to be mounted in an inverted position.

New Dome

The control for this area was provided by a Mode Evolution dimmer pack. The dimmer pack chosen was suitable for all the areas requiring control. The dimmer pack has 6 channels of standard phase cutting dimming to control the tungsten lamps, 16 channels of DSI and can also handle DMX in and out. The DMX compatibility was of great importance to the client as this would allow the theatre desk to take control of the main lighting when a the area was being used for shows.

One of the major concerns of the existing installation was the electricity consumption, at the initial design stage it was deemed that the new installation would use 45% less energy than the existing installation.

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