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Dementia Lighting Using Our CareLux Solutions

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At Apollo Lighting, we have a wealth of experience and history of providing specialist lighting for the healthcare environment. We have developed a dedicated dementia lighting package suitable for single and multi-bed wards. We have worked with NHS trusts to ensure this package provides the best lighting solution for elderly patients and dementia care wards.

The CareLux system gives a complete lighting package dedicated for dementia wards. It covers a dynamic lighting system which provides general lighting with a variable colour temperature from 3000K to 6500K. The system mimics the colour temperature and relative brightness of daylight, stimulating the circadian rhythm.

A circadian rhythm is a biological process, which, in humans, affects various aspects of the body, for instance, alertness, blood pressure, body temperature and hormone levels. A persons natural rhythm may not be exactly 24 hours so the sleep-wake rhythm may become out of phase with other circadian rhythms such as metabolic, hormonal, central nervous system or neurotransmitter rhythms. Using the CareLux system assists the body to keep the natural 24 hour sleep-wake cycle by mimicking natural daylight.

CareLux is a fully scalable system, from an individual room to multiple wards
  • Patients have a calmer persona when occupying an area fitted the CareLux package
  • The sleep - wake cycle is maintained
  • Patients feel less stressed and anxious


  • Tunable white dynamic general lighting with daylight simulation
  • LED night light
  • Emergency LED with reduced output indicator LED
  • User friendly controls using standard light switches

Further Reading

General Lighting : CareLux Duo

CareLux Duo

The general lighting gives a uniform light to the rooms and provides the variable colour temperature. Using entirely high quality LED products means the CareLux system has an excellent maintenance cycle and offers energy saving over a comparable system using traditional technology.

The luminaires have been developed with hospital engineers, dementia consultants and installers to ensure the units provide the correct illumination, where and when it's needed. They have also been designed to be easy to install.

Simulating Circadian Rhythm to maintain healthy sleep
  • Variable colour temperature 3000K - 6500K
  • Fully dimmable between 1% and 100%

For more information see our page.

Night Lighting : Lunar LED


Using the Lunar LED night light achieves the recommended levels stipulated by CIBSE in the Lighting Guide for hospitals and healthcare buildings. It has a warm LED source and a smooth beam using a darklight reflector to prevent any of the patients seeing the light source which could prove problematic with certain patients.

Prevents incidences of phantasmagoria or hallucination which may be caused by indirect night lighting

Achieves CIBSE recommendations

  • 10 lux Maximum
  • 5 lux Average
  • Less than 0.5 lux on bedhead

For more information see our Lunar LED page.

Emergency Lighting : CareLux Emergency

During our research, an issue with emergency lighting has been identified. The issue is with the brightness of the green indicator LED. The colour green and the intensity can prove to be an irritant to dementia patients.

We have developed an emergency LED solution which has a reduced output indicator LED. It is still visible from the aspect of maintenance but with less than a tenth of the intensity, it reduces the occurance of irritation to the patients.

LED Emergency Luminaire


Control systems are usually thought of as complicated for the end user to operate. With the advancing control protocols, the user interface can now be very easy to understand.

For dementia patients, it is as easy as a common light switch which turns the main lighting on and off, this reduces the chance of a patient not being able to understand how to use the system.

For a larger installation, where control from a nurse base is required, we can offer a touch screen mounted at the nurse base. This can have multiple pages graphically represented, each page can have functions for each ward. The touch screen can be set up so the nursing staff can find it is as easy to understand and use.

For instance, each ward can have a simple on/off for the night lights and a simple fade up and fade down for the main lighting.

This saves the nursing staff being faced with a large bank of buttons or switches, creating confusion and leading to incorrect use of the system.

Apollo Lighting can provide a control solution suitable for your particular application. From a simple presence detector to a system covering mulitiple buildings and interfacing to a Building Management System.

Tailored care allows for the best possible outcome in terms of physical and psychological well being

For more information see our Dementia Lighting Controls page.

Products included in the CareLux solution range

  • CareLux Duo
  • Lunar LED
  • CareLux EM
  • Full Control System

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