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Advanced Router Network

Advanced Router Network


An Advanced Router Network uses at least one DDC920 or a combination of DDC920 and DDC910 routers. The Advanced Router Network has all the functionality of a Standard Router Network with the additional benefits of being able to integrate DMX and S-DIM.


Adding DMX and S-DIM increases the functionality of a router network so it can interface with third party systems through DMX. The DMX interface of each DDC920 can be set to either an input or an output.

Commissioning of the system is performed using a computer via the TCP/IP port, either directly connected to the router or through a broader TCP/IP data network. With software, all the parameters can be set for all the items connected to the system. Groups can be programmed, as can scenes and daylight regulation levels. Switch buttons can be programmed to perform a variety of functions.

S-DIM allows control of dimmer packs and other controllers, increasing the available quantity of control channels by 252 per S-DIM output. As standard, a DALI network has a maximum fade rate of 90 seconds, using S-DIM increases this to 46 hours.


  • Can be networked together allowing control from a central computer or location
  • Scheduled events can be programmed with the built in astronomical clock
  • Supports DALI emergency for remote monitoring and scheduled testing
  • Conditional logic programming enables total flexibility
  • Can accept Ethernet I/O commands from a 3rd party system connected to the TCP/IP network
  • Corridor hold, scene links and group links can be used
  • Up to 128 scenes over 8 scene blocks
  • Supports DMX interfacing
  • Supports S-DIM interfacing

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