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Basic Router Network

Basic Router Network


A basic DALI router network consists of a lighting router, control devices and loads or ballasts. Out of the box, every control device connected to the DALI network will control all the loads connected to the same DALI network.


A control device can be a switch plate, an input unit or a sensor. DALI devices will require commissioning for them to be able to perform correctly. This can be done with computer software and hand held remote controls. The computer or laptop used for commissioning is connected to the Ethernet port on the router. Groups can be programmed, as can scenes and daylight regulation levels. Switch buttons can be programmed to perform a variety of functions.

The operation of the installed system is greatly dependant upon final commissioning. Each designated area can have a mixture of detectors, input units or switches and ballasts or luminaires. Each area can be operated independantly but also have a master control through the DALI router. Switches on any of the connected DALI networks can communicate with and control any ballast on any network.


Up to 64 DALI devices on a DDC905 router, up to 128 devices with a DDC910
Built in DALI power supply, no external DALI supplies required
Commissioning is performed through the ethernet port on the router
Scheduled events can be programmed with the built in astronomical clock
Conditional logic programming enables total flexibility
Corridor hold, scene links and group links can be used
Up to 128 scenes over 8 scene blocks


The Basic Router Network range is particularly suited for use in the following applications and environments.

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