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An example office environment


Lighting Control Systems in a typical office environment.


In this example of an office installation there are various offices off a main corridor.

  • Cleaners use the space between 5:00am and 6:00am, Monday to Friday
  • First office workers arrive at 7:00am, Monday to Friday
  • Last office workers leave before 8:00pm, Monday to Friday
  • No occupancy at weekends

Example Layout

Office Layout Example


  • Presence detectors recall a constant light scene beween the hours of 7:00am and 8:00pm, Monday to Friday, for the normal working day
  • At 8:00pm, the presence detection is disabled in the offices until 5:00am (Monday to Friday). This reduces the chance of false triggering. If lighting is required outside these times, the switches can override the lighting in a particular area
  • Presence detection is active permanently in the corridor (at a lower level during the evening so any security staff still have general illumination
  • If one office is still occupied, the corridor luminaire can remain on to increase comfort
  • Presence detection for cleaners is enabled between 5.00am and 6.00am (Monday to Friday) and recalls a scene for 100 lux, reducing loading when full illumination is not required
  • Keeping the presence detection when required ensures luminaires are not left on unnecessarily. This reduces energy consumption and extends maintenance cycles

Technical Details

Total Loading

37 Drivers running at 2 mA each, Total 74 mA
Passive Infrared Detectors = 10, running at 15 mA each, Total of 150 mA
Microwave Detector = 1 running at 40 mA, Total of 40 mA
8, one in each separate room, Running at 10 mA each, Total of 80 mA

Subnet 1

Total Devices
Total Loading
190 mA

Subnet 2

Total Devices
Total Loading
140 mA

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