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Sports Hall

An example sports hall


Controlling lighting installations in multipurpose sports halls.


Apollo Lighting have spent a lot of time and effort to create a solution for a simple control system for sports halls. This is not as easy as it sounds as there are different illumination levels required for each sport played as well as, in the instance of badminton, different playing areas in the same space.

A sports hall lighting layout usually consists of a row of luminaires between each badminton court, for a typical 4 court badminton hall this would be five rows of five luminaires. The Apollo Lighting Multi Corso luminaire contains three drivers giving a total number of drivers as 75. This figure is above the maximum of 64 for a single DALI network so a lighting router is required. Three of the 5 rows are connected to one DALI network and the other two rows and the controls are connected to a second DALI network. The centre luminaires in each row can be equipped with a DALI network high sensitivity infrared presence detector, adding occupancy control to the system. Infrared is preferred in a sports hall due to the increased possibility of nuisance switching from a microwave detector sensing movement from swaying nets, high level fans or air handling units. Switches are placed either at the reception or at a convenient location accessible by the sports centre staff.

Typical Operation Of A Sports Hall System

The system can be programmed so that when someone first enters the sports hall, the relevant area is illuminated to a low level, say, around 100 lux. This level allows sufficient illumination to allow setting up of sports equipment and general cleaning. To increase the illumination to a playing level, any of the switches can be used to bring the relevant court up to 300 lux. This gives the management of the space a substantial energy saving. Once a court is vacated, the luminaires can either switch off or go to a minimum level. 500 lux on any court can be achieved by using the switches.

Background Illumination

Some sports facilities have viewing galleries and the management like to show off their halls with a background illumination. The astronomical clock in the routers can bring on the luminaires at a low level at a certain time of day independently of if anyone has been in the space.


Some sports halls are hired out for various private functions and by using a control system the luminaires can be dimmed down or switched off depending on the end user's requirements. This gives an added benefit to the management as it makes the space more attractive to prospective clients.

Additional Components

Apollo Lighting have also supplied touch screen wall mounted controls which give a greater functionality as well as adding password protected pages with the higher levels of illumination, allowing only authorised persons to activate the higher energy consumption settings.

Typical Wiring Schematic

Sports Hall Wiring Schematic

Suggested Equipment

  • 1 x DDC910 Lighting Router
  • 2 x DDC134 7 Button Switches (located at doors)
  • 3 x DDC136 8 Button Switches (located at reception)
  • 5 x Fittings equipped with DDC317 DALI high sensitivity passive infrared detectors

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