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Period Renovation Project Management

Specialising in the cleaning and restoration of period lighting, we can offer advice on individual projects. Our extensive experience includes restoring church lighting, lighting within public buildings, school lighting, theatre lighting and period luminaires in heritage properties.

Our bespoke restoration service consists of removal of paint and laquers, re-polishing, antiquing and matching to your orignal samples creating the perfect period style. Reproduction of specific hand made historic glass can be supplied to complete the renovation program.

A sample of our range of reproduction fittings include :


Image of Regal luminaire


Image of Royal luminaire


Image of Sovereign luminaire


Image of Grandeur luminaire


Image of Grace luminaire


Image of Monarch luminaire

Senator 1

Image of Senator 1 luminaire

Senator 2

Image of Senator 2 luminaire

Senator 3

Image of Senator 3 luminaire

Senator 4

Image of Senator 4 luminaire

Senator 5

Image of Senator 5 luminaire

Senator 6

Image of Senator 6 luminaire

Senator 7

Image of Senator 7 luminaire

Senator 8

Image of Senator 8 luminaire

Senator 9

Image of Senator 9 luminaire

Senator 10

Image of Senator 10 luminaire

Senator 11

Image of Senator 11 luminaire

Senator 12

Image of Senator 12 luminaire

Senator 13

Image of Senator 13 luminaire

Senator 14

Image of Senator 14 luminaire

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