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Colour Change LED Lighting Technology

Utilising LED technology, colour change lighting systems are becoming increasingly popular and cost effective for interior and exterior applications. Apollo Lighting can design and supply highly saturated, controllable light in systems of various sizes, transforming environments with innovative solutions.

Colour change systems can use various colour sources, starting with the three primary colours nearly every colour can be reproduced. Many colour change systems use more than one colour to aid the reproduction of pastel shades. We look at many fixtures from RGB (red, green and blue) and also include further colours such as warm white, cool white, amber and others to accommodate the widest scope.



A seemingly obvious use of colour change, when used correctly it can greatly enhance an area. Flooding a space with different colours can create a dynamic and engaging ambience. Using colour washing on to a ceiling and illuminating an area indirectly, increases visual comfort and removes disruptive, high intensity sources from an occupant's direct line of sight.


Coloured lighting has always been used in the entertainment world. It used to take the form of a white light source, typically featuring high-powered tungsten or tungsten halogens and transforming the light using coloured gels. The entertainment world did, for a while, use dichroic coloured glass lenses and mirrors. With the ultimate flexibility of colour LED products, theatrical environments are now able to achieve dramatic effects.

Apollo Lighting have experience of entertainment systems from a few static RGB fittings to large scale theatre installations incorporating multiple colour changing moving lights. Venues can be installed with colour change systems which link through to the theatre lighting control, giving users the facility to alter the ambience of the space. The show operators have the flexibility of controlling the building lighting in sympathy with the show lighting.


In recent hospital pilot schemes, the use of colour can greatly aid the patient's well-being. Our CareLux Trio offers an RGB system, originally designed for dementia wards, which is particularly useful in providing colour wash down walls in many different applications. The use of colour in accident and emergency waiting areas may assist in calming patients and relatives whilst in a stressful surrounding. Using colour change systems in a healthcare environment brings the advantage of high levels of operational stability and reliability when running continuously.

Additive Colour Mixing

Additive colour mixing is a process by which several colours of light are combined to create a different colour. With full colour systems, a minimum of three colours (red, green and blue) are used. When all three colours are used to light a surface, the resulting colour is a version of white.


With a rich portfolio of easy-to-use LED lighting solutions, Apollo Lighting can provide a comprehensive specification and support in the field of intelligent LED illumination. Using industry-leading LED light engines, we offer a full range of controls from simple wall-mounted controllers with pre-programmed effects to professional software and hardware control. Our colour change systems offer simplicity in installation, configuration, programming and maintenance.

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