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A Little History

Leeds city is home to Apollo Lighting Ltd, renowned manufacturer of healthcare lighting solutions. The lighting expertise of the company extends into commercial lighting, sports lighting and architectural lighting.

Starting life in 1989 as a low energy lighting company, Apollo Lighting soon established a healthcare lighting range as hospital engineers sought to use our design expertise and adopt the latest energy saving lighting technologies.

Bespoke products that started life as an engineer's ideal solution have in many cases become standard product in Apollo Lighting's healthcare lighting and commercial lighting ranges. Our sports lighting products have been developed with input from leading bodies such as Sport England, The Lawn Tennis Association and England Squash.

The commercial lighting and sports lighting ranges developed from the same philosophy of providing low energy lighting solutions in the most practical manner. Designing with LED is now an area of development which is sought by our clients and we continue to add new and innovative LED lighting products to our ranges.

Our reputation for service and value for money is second to none. Through the focusing of our resources, our goal is to establish new standards of sales and technical support to our customers, in addition to service levels that will set new standards within the industry.

Apollo Vision

Apollo Lighting aims for success in the light fittings business by addressing the following key objectives:

  • To ensure our product development is driven by our customer requirements.
  • To offer a comprehensive range of responsive support services.
  • To have fair pricing policies that offer excellent value for money.
  • To be at the forefront of technical innovation.
  • To earn our customers trust and position as their primary lighting solution partner.

Lighting Expertise

We have gained a wealth of knowledge in specialist areas such as Sports and Leisure, and through our involvement with the Sports Council for England and England Squash, we have developed a range of products which specifically address the problems associated with the lighting of sports and recreation facilities.

In particular, these include the Multicorso and the Squash Corso, both being developed directly in conjunction with and recommended for use by England Squash.

Product Development

Lighting is a blend of design, performance and functionality, with the light fitting often being at the centre of attraction.

Our innovative range of lighting combines the very finest materials and finishes with the latest and most efficient light sources. We endevour to present you with greater choice - a greater choice of products.

Through selected in-depth research programmes, focus groups and simply by ensuring a close dialogue with our customers, we are confident that the products we produce are direct responses to the needs of those who use them.

Digital Illumination Interface Alliance We are proud community members of the DiiA.

Product Testing

All our products are rigorously tested. Quality Control procedures are operated in accordance with ISO9001, and our products comply with and carry CE markings.

IK tests are carried out in accordance with BS EN 60068-2-75. All luminaires are tested in accordance with BS EN 60598-1:2015.


Every product is manufactured to the appropriate industry standards. All our products are manufactured to the highest engineering standards and are built to comply with British Standards, particularly BS EN 60598-1:2015.

Emergency lighting is built to conform with ICEL recommendations and satisfy the Code of Practice for Emergency Lighting (BS EN 60598-2-22).

Custom Designs

Apollo Lighting offer an invaluable customised design service ... free of charge.

Our mission is the provision of optimum lighting solutions using Apollo Lighting products. Accordingly, during the specification process we prefer to think of our clients as partners, working closely together to ensure an ideal conclusion is reached. The resources that we command are therefore at the disposal of our clients.

All our designs conform to the latest CIBSE guidelines. Our design facilities are entirely flexible, providing as much, or as little, assistance to our clients as they require, fully complementing their skills and resources.

Light is not just about illumination. It is another colour on the designers palette with which to create the right ambience. Whether the requirement is for an exciting retail atmosphere, a welcoming reception, or a serious hospital ward, Apollo Lighting can create precisely the desired working or leisure environment conceived by the designer.

We also recognise the importance of specialisation. Not every application is suitable for an off-the-shelf solution. We will go to great lengths to realise the designer's intentions, making specials, colour matching, even designing whole new systems, all to ensure that the environment you envisage is the effect you achieve.

WEEE Compliance Statement

To comply with the European Directive for the recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), which came into force on 1st July 2007, we are legally responsible for ensuring certain lighting equipment sold into the EU will be disposed of correctly at the end of its serviceable life.

To fulfil our obligations, we have appointed a registered company who have established cost effective, efficient and sustainable collection and recycling processes, which are in line with WEEE regulations.

We are continuing our programme of environmental improvement in our products by making them more energy efficient, longer lasting and recyclable; all in the cause of sustainability.

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