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Nebula MRI

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The Nebula MRI is a compact recessed LED downlight tailored for use in MRI rooms and other general ferromagnetically sensitive areas. Crafted with precision and innovation, Nebula MRI delivers exceptional performance and reliability, ensuring optimal lighting in critical healthcare environments. Various dimming and emergency lighting options, wireless control, and IP54 rated glass attachments are available.

All these features together go towards creating a conducive environment for patients undergoing MRI scans and medical professionals conducting examinations or procedures.


  • Tridonic LED module and driver
  • DALI Dimming and Emergency option available
  • Emergency options with remote indicator
  • Suitable for use in MRI environments
  • IP54 Rated clear and etched glass options
  • 40° faceted aluminium reflector as standard
  • Multiple lumen output options available
  • CRI80 3000 K and 4000 K colour temperature options available as standard
  • Suitable for use in low glare environments, UGR<19
  • Other reflector options available
  • 5 year warranty


The Nebula MRI range is particularly suited for use in the following applications and environments.

  • Clean Environments
  • Healthcare
  • Laboratories
  • MRI Rooms
  • Medical Imaging Centres
  • Research Institutions

Materials and Finishes

BodyDie-cast Aluminium construction with Brass screws throughout
Controller40° Faceted Reflector with Clear, Center Etched or Fully Etched glass
FinishRAL9010 White Bezel

Specific Installation Requirements

A 5 m cable is supplied to connect between the luminaire head and LED driver. The luminaire head will be supplied with brass screws throughout to ensure compliance with the non-ferrous requirement inside the area. The distance between the luminaire head and LED driver would be 5 m and the driver and any other gear must be positioned outside the room in a suitable location.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the required installation compliance.

IP54 Glass Options

Clear Glass

Clear Glass

Center Etched

Center Etched

Fully Etched

Fully Etched

Lifetime Data

Nebula MRI>55 000 h

All lifetime performance data is taken at +25 °C ambient.

L Value
% of initial lumens maintained after the specified time.
F Value
% of luminaires experiencing either gradual or total failure combined after the specified time.



80 % of initial lumens maintained after >55 000 h, 10 % of luminaires will have less than 80 % of initial lumens after >55 000 h through either gradual or total failure.

Photometric Data

inc 500 0 180 90 270


Lumen Output3060 llm
inc 200 0 180 90 270


Lumen Output2977 llm
inc 150 0 180 90 270


Lumen Output2954 llm

Product Dimensions

Nebula MRI Dimensional Diagram

R T (max) C D
Nebula MRI1301109940

Options and Variations

Order CodeDescriptionNom. Output (@4000 K)Nom. Power (W)Nom. Weight (kg)
NEMRI11Nebula MRI993 llm8.00.5
NEMRI18Nebula MRI1682 llm13.80.5
NEMRI25Nebula MRI2299 llm19.20.5
NEMRI33Nebula MRI3060 llm27.80.5

Suffix Colour Temperature

3000 K CRI80 Colour Temperature LEDs
4000 K CRI80 Colour Temperature LEDs

Suffix Driver

Fixed Output Driver
Touch Dim / Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI)

Suffix IP54 Glass Attachment

IP54 Clear Glass
IP54 Centre Etched Glass
IP54 Fully Etched Glass

Emergency Option

Standard 3 hr LED Emergency with Remote Indicator and White Bezel
DALI Addressable 3 hr LED Emergency with Remote Indicator and White Bezel

Order Code Builder

Use the options below to construct and refine your required luminaire code and desired specification. Items marked * are required on all variations.



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