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Focusing on thecircular economy

We are on a journey to being a carbon neutral business and for all our products to be carbon neutral.

Every journey begins with a single step.
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Steps on our journey...

Planting seeds of change

Planting seeds of change
Net-zero business by 2030...

We have implemented CEAM (Circular Economy Assessment Method) for all future new products that we develop in conjunction with the CIBSE TM66 digital tool to allow us to fully engage with the depth of detail required to create fully circular economy-capable products.

We have become a member of Made In Britain to join a community of like minded British manufacturers to ensure that we are continuing to source our materials and components from Great Britain in a sustainable and responsible fashion.

We are a member of Recolight, allowing us as a business to offer our customers a sustainable and responsible route to have their old lighting fittings collected and recycled whilst conforming to the WEEE directive.

We have subscribed as a business to the Made In Britain Green Growth Programme – The UK government has mandated that every UK business must reach net-zero by 2050 or sooner.

This programme will help our business assess how far we are away from achieving this and provides guidance, understanding and progress to help us reach our target.

Taking good care of our environment
A future of truly circular economy products
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The total mass of the built environment now exceeds the mass of all living things on Earth. This makes the principles of Sustainability and the Circular Economy model more important than ever.

Although the introduction of LEDs in the lighting industry over the last decade has resulted in substantial energy savings, currently only a very low percentage of luminaires are fully recycled. Luminaires with little or no provision to replace LEDs at the end of life are generally scrapped. Additionally, luminaires manufactured in countries that extensively use fossil fuels that then have to be shipped to the UK over long distances will have a large carbon footprint.

At Apollo, we are proud to be members of "Made In Britain" and we aim to build long term sustainable relationships and understanding with our partners in the supply chain and our customer base. We extensively use high quality, well established European branded LED and driver component manufacturers — Tridonic, Philips (Signify) and Osram — ensuring replacement and upgraded components are, and will remain, readily available.

By designing high quality luminaires that are manufactured in the UK that are easily maintainable and upgradeable at end of life, we can offer solutions that align with the circular economy model, reduce the carbon footprint of an installation and maximise return on investments.

Becoming carbon neutral
Achieved by reducing as much carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere as possible as a result of business activities, for example by using renewable energy sources to power a factory. Any remaining carbon footprint can be offset by a business contributing to carbon reduction schemes such as planting more trees and forests.
Becoming Net-Zero
Achieved by all of the above, plus includes analysing things like transportation and distribution, waste generated, leased assets, business travel, employees commuting and purchased goods and services through the supply chain, water consumption, and IT equipment and services. It covers all your indirect emissions.
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We are already on our journey

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